The Bible’s Prescription For Health

Episode 17

Dr. Harris was sitting in service at Hope City when he felt the spirit move him to discuss the Lord’s word when it comes to health.  Soon after, he sat down with some worship music and poured through the word looking for what God has said about healthy behaviors.  Since the very beginning, God had a plan for our health and our current lifestyle has deviated far from that plan.  This episode dives into the word of God and how following his will is essential for our health.

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2 thoughts on “The Bible’s Prescription For Health”

  1. Thank you, Dr. Harris. It was a joy listening to this information. I am so glad you were available when I visited you on the 16th for my appt. I was wondering if you could speak on mental health. I know you mentioned how powerful or thoughts are. I’m trying to look at it from an adolescent point of view. Thanks!!

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