Wellness Weekly 1/21/2021

Episode 59 We discuss the following topics in this episode: ➡️Wellness Journey – Letting go ➡️Article 1 – The link between advertising and obesity ➡️Article 2 – Brown fat & cardiometabolic risk ➡️Rootine Supplement – Zinc This Weeks Sponsor: Real Ketones Become A Strive for Great Health Insider Today Insiders gain discounts for our other …

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Wellness Weekly 1/14/2021

Episode 57 We dive into the following topics in this episode: ➡️Wellness Journey – Self Care➡️Article 1 – What happens if you immobilize one arm and exercise the other➡️Article 2 – Ketosis as a treatment for COVID-19➡️Rootine Supplement – MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) This Weeks Sponsor: Rootine Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness …

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