A Functional Approach To Acid Reflux

Episode 30 This episode is another fan request! We love our fans and want to do our best to accommodate their requests. Acid reflux, also known as heartburn, affects millions of Americans. Conventional medicine treats acid reflux with agents that block stomach acid; however, this often masks the symptoms and worsens the disease! Functional medicine …

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A Conversation With Theresa Roemer: Resilience, Gratitude, Charity

Episode 15 Dr. Harris is joined by the incomparable Theresa Roemer for a candid conversation about resilience, gratitude, and charity.  Theresa shares some incredible personal experiences and what makes her get out of bed every day.  Her journey is nothing less than inspiring and prove that anyone can achieve greatness while being humble and breathing …

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Food Addiction

Episode 13 Dr. Harris welcomes Jennifer Jones of Jenuine Nutrition to discuss food addiction and having an unhealthy relationship with food.  Nutrition is unquestionable the most important aspect of our health and wellness and is often the most neglected.  Come learn some tips from Dr. Harris and Jennifer regarding how you can develop a healthy relationship …

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Six Root Causes of Chronic Disease

Episode 1 In this episode, Dr. Harris discusses his philosophy on wellness and introduces his vision for the Strive for Great Health Podcast.  The second half begins the discussion on the six root causes of chronic disease.   Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness Program Free Personalized Lifestyle Assessment