April Wellness Review 2021

Episode 71 Our monthly wellness review is back with four different topics designed to empower you to take control of your health! ➡️ Wellness Journey: Well, that was unexpected ➡️ Article 1: Tai Chi and exercise for better sleep ➡️ Article 2: Is the food you’re eating beneficial or harmful for your microbiome ➡️ Rootine …

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Wellness Weekly 12/10/2020

Episode 50 This episode covers the following topics: ➡️Wellness Journey – The dancing man➡️Research Article 1 – Light therapy for brain injury➡️Research Article 2 – The microbiome influences carbohydrate metabolism➡️Rootine Supplement – Vitamin B6 Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness Program Order Rootine Episode Transcript [00:00:00] Dr. Richard Harris: Join …

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Episode 2 In this episode of the Strive for Great Health Podcast Dr. Harris discuses the microbiome and what can happen when the gut bacteria get out of whack and how you can prevent and treat Dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, cancer & so much more. Let’s talk about how we can …

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