Metabolism: How We Turn Food Into Energy

Episode 69 Metabolism, it’s a word that we all know, yet like most things, metabolism can be a very complex subject.  Researchers get their PH.D.’s in various aspects of metabolism. Metabolism covers numerous processes in the body, but the one we attribute to the word the most is the generation of energy from food.  How …

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Wellness Weekly 12/10/2020

Episode 50 This episode covers the following topics: ➡️Wellness Journey – The dancing man➡️Research Article 1 – Light therapy for brain injury➡️Research Article 2 – The microbiome influences carbohydrate metabolism➡️Rootine Supplement – Vitamin B6 Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness Program Order Rootine Episode Transcript [00:00:00] Dr. Richard Harris: Join …

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