Why We Get Sick

Episode 68 World renown metabolism and physiology researcher Dr. Benjamin Bikman joins the Strive for Great Health Podcast to discuss a widespread root cause of chronic diseases. 30% of Americans have impairments in metabolism and sugar processing. In medicine, we call this insulin resistance, and it is at the root of numerous diseases, including Alzheimer’s, …

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Wellness Weekly 12/3/2020

Episode 48 This episode of Wellness Weekly covers the following topics: ➡️Wellness Journeys: Be like bain!➡️Article 1: Maternal diabetes and risk of offspring cardiovascular disease in early adulthood➡️Article 2: Organic food and reduced pesticide exposure➡️Supplement: Vitamin C Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness Program Free Personalized Lifestyle Assessment Episode Transcript …

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