Brain Based Wellness

Episode 88 Dr. Harris is joined by Elisabeth Kristof of Brain Based Wellness, an applied neurology practice in Austin, Texas. Her practice is a comprehensive method that puts the brain and nervous system at the center of movement training, behavior change practice, and mindset coaching for improved health, resilience, and athletic performance. In this episode, …

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Wellness Weekly 12/17/2020

Episode 52 This episode covers the following topics: ➡️Wellness Journey – My life as a pansy➡️Article 1 – Gene expression and brain thickness➡️Article 2 – Subjective well-being and health behaviors➡️Rootine Supplement – Vitamin E Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Harris 5 Pillars of Great Health Wellness Program Rootine Lifestyle Assessment Episode Transcript Dr. Richard Harris: Join me, …

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Wellness Weekly 11/26/2020

Episode 46 Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly podcast segment, Wellness Weekly. We have combined Wellness Journey Monday, Research Tuesday/Thursday, & Supplement Saturday into one video/audio segment for your listening pleasure (previously these segments were only on YouTube). This episode covers: Wellness Journeys: H.E.R.O Acronym & Psychological Resilience Research Article 1: Smoking, …

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