A Health Crisis

We are experiencing a health crisis of unprecedented proportions.

1 in 2 adult Americans suffer from the burden of chronic disease. Alzheimer’s rates are predicted to triple by 2030. The rate of obesity is near or above 40% in several states. Diabetes rates have tripled since the 1950’s.

America spends trillions of dollars on healthcare but we are not seeing an improvement in the health of its citizens. In fact, since 2016, our life expectancy has declined every year while comparable high-income OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries have seen their life expectancies increase. It is particularly concerning because midlife (age 25-67) rates of disease and death are increasing at an alarming rate.

This isn’t to frighten you but it should shake up how you think about your health and wellness.

Change Your Lifestyle To Save Your Life

Did you know that proper lifestyle choices could decrease the incidence of cancer by 40% and cancer deaths by 45%?  Or that recent evidence shows the best prevention for Alzheimer’s is lifestyle choices?  And type 2 diabetes has been reversed through lifestyle medicine alone?  

The guidelines all recommend lifestyle interventions as the front-line for prevention and treatment of just about any disease.  The problem is most healthcare professionals are not adequately trained to provide critical lifestyle recommendations and advice.

Our current lifestyles are killing us – but it is my mission – my calling – to help educate people on how to improve their health and increase their overall wellness through research-backed lifestyle medicine.

What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

Everything we do, from the food we eat, to our sleeping patterns, to the nature of our thoughts, impacts our health.  Lifestyle medicine is a comprehensive approach to optimizing our habits in order to achieve our health goals.  It can be used to prevent disease or as a key pillar of any treatment plan.  Do you want more energy, improved mood, better digestion, reduced stress, restorative sleep, a healthy body fat percentage, or a decrease in the chance you develop a life-altering chronic disease?  Lifestyle medicine is the answer to empower you to achieve your health and wellness goals!

What Does Great Health And Wellness (GHW) Offer?

Our process at Great Health and Wellness is different from most conventional medicine practices; we only offer services online, focusing on lifestyle medicine & functional medicine.  Our goal is not to replace your primary care provider but to augment and bolster what they do to keep us healthy.

The essence of what we do is distilled into a simple 3 Step Process: Knowledge, Plan, Action.

Step 1 – Knowledge

The first step (Knowledge) is our 5 Pillars Lifestyle Medicine Course.  This course is designed to give you all the knowledge, tools, and information necessary for a health-promoting wellness plan.  We cover nutrition, exercise, fasting, sleep, toxin avoidance, behavior change, willpower, and more.  This is Step 1 so that we are on the same page once we begin to work together, and we can spend our one-on-one time on strategy and action planning and not the transmission of knowledge. 

The second part of Step 1 is Rootine.  Rootine creates a customized supplement based upon your genes and metabolism.  We used to offer a similar service ourselves, but Rootine can do it for half the price with superior quality.  I am a clinical advisor to the company and 100% stand by their product and quality.  This Knowledge gives us insight into what is happening in your body’s cells and with your own metabolism.  

Step 2 – Plan
We meet to discuss implementing the information gained in the wellness course and any additional testing that may benefit our wellness goals during this phase. We can order labs through Labcorp and send advanced testing kits (microbiome testing, genetic testing, micronutrient testing, inflammation, food sensitivity, hormones, etc.) directly to your house.  Some of the kits allow you to collect the necessary samples at home; others can be done at Any Lab Test Now or several other laboratory service companies. 

Step 3 – Action
Step 3 is about maintenance and possibly tweaking our plan as we embark on our Wellness Journey.  We offer the following services in Step 3:

Health Coaching:  After completing the wellness program and personalized supplementation, we offer health coaching services.  Health coaching helps ensure we can achieve our health goals.  We help our clients game plan and attack all the elements present in the wellness course. We figure out what’s working, what isn’t working, and how we can tweak things to keep the train moving and achieve your goals! We can meet as often as once a week or as infrequently as once every several months.  We leave it up to our clients to decide how often they need/want to see us.  Our job is to be your guide, not to give you a “program.”

Holistic Visits:  Sometimes, things happen, and our clients want to approach a health issue holistically.  We offer these services as needed.  Clients can meet with us to discuss what the matter is, what testing can/should be done, and then we create a holistic action plan.  Sometimes follow-ups are needed, sometimes they are not.  We take each on a case by case basis.

Yearly Check-Ups:  There is routine bloodwork we recommend every year, and some of our clients come to us to have a holistic analysis of labs that have been done by their primary care or for us to order additional labs.  These yearly visits are a check-in to see that our health is optimized and catch things early before becoming a full-blown issue. 

Invest In Your Health By Getting Informed

Want to improve your health? Increase your overall wellness? Dr. Harris’ audiences get the latest research-backed wellness strategies that will change your life.

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