Strive for Great Health Podcast

What Our Podcast Is All About

Strive for Great Health Podcast is a biweekly podcast that breaks down health and wellness research into digestible & actionable chunks. One episode each month will feature a special guest as they discuss various health, wellness, & lifestyle topics.

Join Dr. Richard Harris as he digs into the data to provide tips, guidance, and advice that help you transform your life.

Strive for Great Health Insiders get a list of fundamental take-home points to facilitate easy listening, a discussion forum for each episode, links to supplements and articles mentioned in each episode, discounts on our wellness services, and access to exclusive content. Take your wellness journey to the next level with Dr. Harris & friends.


Invest In Your Health By Getting Informed

Want to improve your health? Increase your overall wellness? Dr. Harris’ audiences get the latest research-backed wellness strategies that will change your life.