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What Is The Strive For Great Health Podcast?

Our podcast is a health, lifestyle, and mindset podcast powered by the Double Doc, Richard Harris MD, PharmD, MBA.

Dr. Harris is a well-known Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Doctor, and Podcaster.

Listen as Dr. Harris drops potent bits of information about what is actually in the best interest of your health and what you should be doing to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Our Most Popular Podcast Episodes

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Vitamin D

Everything you need to know about this essential HORMONE. Vitamin D helps control over 200 of our genes!

The Forgotten Pandemic

COVID-19 hit America like a sledgehammer, but what is the underlying mechanism behind this?

Strive for great health podcast

The Bibles Prescription for Health

This episode dives into the word of God and how following his will is essential for our health.

A Functional Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting 40 million adults every year.

Who Is Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris is a board-certified pharmacist and holistic lifestyle internal medicine physician in Houston, TX.  With a passion to educate, Dr. Harris uses a holistic approach to wellness.

What Dr. Harris Believes In

A focus on research-based health & wellness to promote optimal health, joy, and purpose. This is what makes Dr. Harris a successful health and wellness coach and doctor. He studies it, lives by it, and he teaches it. 

Free Wellness Webinar

View our webinar and discover three ways to immediately improve your health & wellness that are absolutely free!

Precision Multivitamin

The best approach for supplementation combines genetic and blood laboratory data. This is the  personalized medicine. 

Lifestyle Medicine

Our daily thoughts and actions can dramatically impact our health. Lifestyle medicine optimizes our habits and behaviors to improve our health.

A Holistic Health Coach at your Fingertips

Our process at Great Health and Wellness is different from most conventional medicine practices; we only offer services online, focusing on lifestyle medicine, precision supplementation & gut health.  Our goal is not to replace your primary care provider but to augment and bolster what they do to keep us healthy.

The essence of what we do is distilled into a simple 3 Step Process: Knowledge, Plan, Action.


The first step (Knowledge) is our 5 Pillars Lifestyle Medicine Course. This course is designed to give you all the knowledge, tools, and information necessary for a health-promoting wellness plan.

Knowledge is Power

We cover nutrition, exercise, fasting, sleep, toxin avoidance, mindset modification, willpower, and more.
5 Pillars Lifestyle Course


Our current services are hormone optimization and hair restoration.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We use advanced genetic and blood testing to personalize treatment plans.
View Our Services


Step 3 is about embarking on your wellness journey!

The Time is Now

The final step is ensuring your body has the right vitamins and minerals to perform at its best.
Precision Multivitamin

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